Rouleau's Taekwondo
Keene Rec Center, Keene, NH

Rouleau’s TKD Indoor Classes during COVID-19

Rouleau’s TKD takes the health of their students and families seriously.  For the foreseeable future, class structure will change to keep us all safe. We will be following state and national recommendations. This means that there will be no contact or shared equipment and we will be maintaining safe distances between students and instructors. Rouleau’s first goal is to support you in your martial arts journey, but we can only do that with the help of all of you as we adapt to this challenge.


It has always been our policy that students should not attend class if you are not feeling well. This is for everybody’s safety. Students should let a black belt know if they will not be in class.

If you are not yet comfortable rejoining us for class, please let the black belts know and continue to make use of the video series that has been posted to maintain your training.

At this time, classes will be held on Mondays and Thursdays from 6-7 pm. Please enter through the back door (Ellis Court side) of the multipurpose room.


The City of Keene mask ordinance requires everyone age 10 and up to wear a mask in public spaces. Mask wearing is encouraged for everyone regardless of age when entering or exiting the dojang where physical distancing is most challenging. Black belts cannot help with masks.


At this time we have limited access to bathrooms.  Please plan accordingly.


To help maintain our physical distance we ask that parents wait outdoors. Please wait for a black belt to acknowledge your child’s arrival before leaving. For students 12 and under black belts must be able see their ride before they are dismissed.  


You must remain 10 feet apart from other non-family students and instructors.   There will be no contact, no sharing equipment, etc.  We know you want to visit with your fellow students, but we ask that you do so from a safe distance. Black belt instructors will mark out the training space to help us all maintain this distancing.


For now we will be wearing uniform pants and belts with Rouleau’s Taekwondo t-shirts. Appropriate footwear, such as sneakers or trail shoes, is required to participate in class. Please no flip-flops, work boots, etc.

Belt Tying

Black belts will not be able to physically help tie belts.  Students/Parents will need to learn to do this independently. If you need help, please arrive ahead of time!

Equipment/Water Bottles

Bring a water bottle to every class - it is required.   You might also want to bring a rag or small towel to wipe sweat. We will not be needing sparring gear, paddles, mouth guards, etc.  Please leave them at home.

Student water bottles/personal items will be kept along the outside of the training space, spaced 10 feet apart.  Black belts will mark out spaces. At the beginning and end of class and during water breaks students must go straight to their equipment and not enter other students’ spaces. The exception will be family members training in the same group.

Direction Following & Consequences

During these unprecedented times, following directions is even more important than ever for the safety of your fellow students.  We know these guidelines are new to everyone, and we are all working together to follow them. Black belts will give reminders. However, students who behave unsafely will be asked to sit out for the rest of class, and will need to speak with an instructor and their parents.

New Students

New students of existing families may begin with permission from the black belt instructors.

Please let us know if you have any further questions.

Updated 9/3/2020